Partnership for Children’s Rights: Not-for-profit organization aimed at helping disadvantaged children in New York City.
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Carla’s grandmother knew that her granddaughter was capable of achieving more, if given the right opportunity. PFCR fought for that chance – and won.
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About Us

Partnership for Children’s Rights (PFCR) is a not-for-profit law firm dedicated to helping disadvantaged children throughout New York City. We firmly believe that each child deserves the right to develop his or her potential and grow into an independent, self-sufficient adult.

At PFCR, we are determined to protect that right.

Helping more than 1,000 children each year.

With a mandate to advocate for disadvantaged children in all boroughs of New York City, PFCR currently focuses on two primary and immediate areas of concern for children in need:

  1. Access to special education services. Read more…
  2. Access to social security disability benefits. Read more…

With a multi-disciplinary team of attorneys and social service professionals, we are able to represent and advise more than 1,000 children each year.

Our History
Warren J. Sinsheimer founded the Partnership for Children’s Rights (PFCR) in 1999. Following a successful career as a lawyer and executive, Sinsheimer spent several years as a volunteer attorney with a legal services organization. Recognizing a huge void in services for children, he embarked on a mission to develop an organization that would protect the rights of children in need.

As a volunteer, Sinsheimer had experienced the rewards of helping others, while using his considerable skill and expertise. Convinced that there were other professionals like him, he started talking to attorneys and potential funding sources. He approached friends and colleagues for support and recruited a small staff to join his venture. Several attorneys embraced his efforts and joined the organization as volunteers.

After nearly two years of planning, Legal Services for Children, Inc. opened its midtown Manhattan offices. Since then, the organization has moved to a larger space to meet an increasing demand for services and to accommodate a growing staff. PFCR also changed its name from Legal Services for Children, Inc. to Partnership for Children’s Rights in 2007.


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